Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ON this day...I see clearly

I'm not sure if it helped or not. What? The CPAP machine I was hooked up to yesterday. Ihad to go and do the sleep study again and honestly it was a weird experience. I'm connnected to all these electrodes and whatnot and then they take a tube that shoots air into your nose and they say don't open your mouth.

I don't follow directions well

I opened m mouth adn the air escaped. It feels funny becasue you feel it rushing out and whatnot. Well anyway its supposed to help me feel more refreeshed. Not sure if it worked. I'm crankier than normal and I'm not at all in the mood to do anything normally. Plus my typing is super atrocius. (I'm not correcting any oth the typos I make in this post to show the extent.)

So I have reached a conclusion that should have seemed obvious. The more tired I am the less like ly to do things nicely. I so far have called somoe of my best kids worthless, sent a student to the office because I ddin't like his voice and asked a kid did he have the stigmata. Oh and I'm just overall pissy. What to do what to do.

Maybe it's just my demeanoer. I'm slightly agitate more and more the more time I spend around people today. I just hope it was a bad nights sleep.

Well good news is that I got my track paperwork done on time:)

Friday, April 18, 2008

And Who will protect the guilty?...or It is YOU who are the _____________

people in general upset me. What gives you the right to do something and then keep others from doing it? Why are some words only allowed to be said by some people. If a word is a bad word then doesn't that mean that no one should be able to say it? If something is wrong for someone else to do then shouldn't it be wrong for you to do? It's an argument f ethics I suppose but I call shenanigans. I admit that I do things that I know are wrong. I have done things that in hindsight I knew were going to get me back in the end, but at the time it felt like soething that I needed to do or say, but like I said it's wrong. I make no excuses, but even though I was guilty of a lapse of judgment I feel that that does not someone else the right to go on a witch hunt.

I'm rambling.......

I hate the word nigga, nigger, nigguh, nigganything. I just do. I mena I used to listen to songs with it and I watch movies that say it but I still don't like it. Never did never will. I really hate how some people say it as if it's there first name or favorite color and it upsets me, more than the word bro. So I really hate when anyone uses it. If you are one who uses it you do not have the right to ban others from using it.

Lying is fundamental in life. People do it for different reasons Maybe because you want to stop yourself getting in trouble, maybe to save face, maybe to save somone else frorm eing hurt. It doesn't matter. Lying is still lying. A lie is a lie no matter what. I admit that i have lied and I can deal with it. I made my peace. What I can not make peace with is some people who get upset about lying and then go and do the same thing. If you lie then take the hit and acknowledge you did especially if you want to hold grudges against others.

Cheating is cheating. If you cheat you are a cheater. I don't care if you only cheated once. I don't care if you are miles away from your sig other. I don't care if you are drunk. If you go out of your way and try to hide a relationship with someone else its cheating. "Oh me and Bill aren't getting along" SFW. "Oh you aren't who I married....

Okay I'm co,ming back to this one becasue I have decided to change my stance. Well not a complete change of stance just a slight one. When both parties are guilty as I have stated above who exactly do you root for? How do you determine who is the lesser of two evils and if ones evil is justified as compared to the others?

EXAMPLE: I ran over your dog on purpose and so in retribution you steal my car. Who is justified or is anyone justified?

Also if you are guilty adn you are called out does that give you the right to be offended? I mean what if you do something that you know is wrong but know one knows you did it. Then what if someone says that they suspect that you are guilty? Do you have the right to be offecned that someone caught you in your gambit? If you do something and you call someone out on doing the same thing and get ofended when they call you out do you have that right?

Noone is innocent but some are more innocent than others. Who decides which is which?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I promise I will never do it again....Oh s**t I lied

Okay so i said I'd write a ton of stuff two months ago. Hey I've been busy so sue me. Besides I am probably the only one who reads this blog anyway. I've posted and sent emails reminding people about it but I get no comments so it's more like me just writing stuff so it's not stuck in my head for my own goodness.

Yea so ?

I really will start writing more when the summer comes. I'll have more time and more inclination to do so. Track is wearing me thin. House hunting is earing me thin. Trying to lose weight is wearing me thin. Keeping up with tv shows is hard to do. And I am losing patience a lot faster.

Sleep apnea test in two weeks. Not scared just anxious. Don't want to sleep with a mask on. But as I get closer to it I start to notice more and more symptoms . I'm cranky for no reason, I randomly fall asleep if i'm not doing anything, I snore loudly, I am excessively tired in the morning, I can't get out of bed.

So in closing maybe I'll write again maybe I won't who knows but when summer comes I will return

Perkins out

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I want to know, what’s the point of having a BLOG if you don’t update it?

I want to know, what’s the point of having a BLOG if you don’t update it?

Ok I was supposed to post this last year but I have been really busy but guess what? You will get a few posts from me this week. I know lucky you!! Erica reminded me that I needed to post and a few days later ( a week actually) I decided to do so. So like I said you’ll get a plethora of posts this week.

Now when I last left off I said I was going to post my longest quest and how it ended. First a little back story (oh and by the way this blog has pictures!!!!!!! And exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The year was 1987. My oldest sister was living in Clarksville Tennessee / Fort Campbell Kentucky. We went to visit every once in a while. At this time we were visiting and my first nephew was like just born and we watched movies a lot. There is a funny story about Tennessee but I’ll digress for now maybe later ( it involves space).

Well anyway there was this one movie anthology we watched that was about fairytales. Now overall the movie was forgettable except the very last story. I remembered it being about Goldilocks and the 3 bears but the bears were people and Goldilocks was a psycho. After the movie was over the only thing I could remember was Goldilocks. A year later I wanted to watch it again, but to no avail. My sister didn’t have it anymore and didn’t remember the name. I vowed to see it again.

I spent the next four years talking about the movie and trying to explain it to people a video stores, but they never heard of it. We got cable for Christmas that year and it came with HBO. Well one day there was this movie on called Grim Prairie Tales and it’s tagline was “Hit the trail…to TERROR” I knew this was the movie. Problem was the movie came on at 330 in the morning and I was 11. So I tried to find a way to sneak up and watch it without waking my mom. I failed. So I waited until it came on again. A few months later it was on CINEMAX which we didn’t have so I cried. A few months after that, like in July, it was on HBO again. I was happy. It was summer so I could stay up late. I got ready to watch it days in advance. I was a day away from watching it, a day away from ending my long (for my time I mean five years was almost half my life) search. Then it happened. We fell behind in our bill and our cable was turned off.

I was shattered once again. I missed the movie. The day after it came on my dad came over and showed us how to get cable by just hooking up the antenna to the back of the TV instead if the cable box ( a practice that the cable company has caught onto and since has blocked people from doing usually). So I had another opportunity and luck be with me it was on again that night ( I checked prevue guide this was before it became the tv guide channel….damn I’m old) So I got ready and sat down and turned to where HBO usually is and it was blocked. I called my dad and asked how to unblock it and he said “I don’t think you can with this method, which is not stealing cable and is totally legal.” So I missed it again.

But I was armed with knowledge and as AJ’s Time Travelers said “Knowledge is Power” (once again I feel really old) I went to Double Vision, one of the video stores that we went to when we were younger and tried to check out a video. They didn’t have it. So I went to the other video store about 10 blocks away from Double vision and they had it so my sister rented it for me. ( she had moved back to Cleveland at that time. Which reminds me of another story that involves my sister and Labyrinth) . So we got home and I was super excited. I went to put it in and the VCR was dirty. So I had to take the VCR apart and get alcohol on the heads to clean it (this was a method we used because 1) we didn’t want to pay for a tape head cleaner and 2) It worked a lot better than the head cleaners and was a lot faster than they were when you had to take it out without rewinding it. ) If you want specifics I might make a post of how exactly to do it. So I put the tape in and passed out because it was so incredibly boring and not the movie I thought it was.

I decided then that I would check out every anthology about fairytales until I found it. I couldn’t find it anywhere no matter how hard I tried. Every movie I watched proved to be something different. I saw trilogy of terror (Zuni fetish doll), cats eye (I’ll be watching you), Tales from the Darkside( A promise is a promise) , the original Tales From the Crypt ( barely remember), Creepshow ( Where’s my cake Bedillia), Creepshow 2 (Thanks for the ride lady) , campfire tales ( don’t look outside), campfire stories (umm don’t look outside), ghost tales, quicksilver highway (chattery teeth), body bags, 2 Evil Eyes ( black cat), Twilight Zone ( You wanna see something really scary?) and a plethora more. Some where good some sucked but none were what I wanted (coincidentally this lead to my love of bad movies) I thought I saw it on one of those 50 + horror movie thingies they sell but I didn’t want to pay money for that and have it not be what I wanted.

Cut to 2007. 20 years after I first gazed upon this movie I enrolled in blockbuster online. I was just searching through random movies to add to my queue. I clicked on campfire stories to see if I would enjoy it since I was older and then came across DEADTIME STORIES. I clicked on it and my heart sung a chorus. It was about some guy and stuff but I saw what I needed to see “Goldilocks and the 3 Baers” It had to be it. But then I had a flashback to the last time I thought I found it.

We wound up getting cable again in 1996. We had all the movie channels and all that good stuff. Well on Cinemax one night they had something playing that was an anthology picture, so I stayed up and watched it. ( It was easier for me to do this because the tv was in the living room at this house and my mom’s room was upstairs and mine was right next to the living room.) Well the first story was “Goldilocks and the 3 Bares”. Long story short it was Cinemax at night and I was 15 so I didn’t know what that meant until that night. But after it was off I watched the Seduction of Maria about this girl who was raised a slave by her Spanish people and who had to sleep with random people. It had a great plot from what I remember. Hmm, a new movie for my queue, for research reasons.

Well anyway I added it to my queue (Deadtime stories not Maria) and looked it up on imdb and google. Everything pointed to this being the movie. And in October it arrived. I was nervous. I had got myself so wound up about this movie. What if it wasn’t the one? I put it in and fell asleep. It started off SLOW. So I tried again the next day and just fast forwarded through but got bored. So I held onto it for 2 months until I had time to watch it and finally I watched it in DECEMBER.

Why did I wait so long? Well because the best non quest thing to happen to me happened in October. Madison was born and I liked spending time with her as she cried and cried and cried and so I barely had time to watch movies after I played with her. I mean look at her she is crazy adorable. So I had to put Deadtime stories on hold, and I was fine with that.

Well during winter break I had a chance to finally watch the movie and low and behold it was it. 20 years, that’s more than 75 percent of my life, was spent looking for this movie and I found it. Which, it turns out, was indeed on that anthology of 50 + movies. So was it worth it? Did I waste my 20 years. Well I plan on putting up a review of the movie with pictures. Yeah boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until then I’ll leave you with this thought “Don’t go looking for trouble because it will find you. But if you do go looking for it make sure you can handle it.”

Perkins OUT

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It might not exist

Sorry about pulling a TNA on you yesterday (all 2 loyal readers). What do I mean? I mean promising you something and then at the end telling you you have to wait until the next installment. Wrestling humor.

Anyway I love Teen Wolf. I wanted to be teen wolf so bad when I was younger. It got to the point where I was walking around saying "Give me a keg of beer....." in my deepest voice. Well why do I bring up teen wolf? 3 reasons. 1 the cartoon was okay but the movie rocked

2 during the very end of the movie one of the extras decided to unzip his pants, just saying

3 It contained my dream car! Yes my dream car. If you were to talk to anyone who has ever asked me what my dream car was after highschool they would say 4 letters: DTSW.


I wanted one so bad after watching teen Wolf. I went to the extremes and told everyone I knew
. I wrote it in on favorite car ballots and everything. Why teh obsession? well I was watching Teen Wolf one saturday afternoon with my sister when I saw the principals car. Wood panel, wagon with cloth top. DTSW!!!!

My quest has been to find one. I have been told by many people over and over again that "It might not exist." but I had my proof. I had Teen Wolf.

That was until Friday December 28 2007.

I was watching Teen Wolf and then when it got to the part with the principals car I got all excited. Then it happened. The car was not a DTSW. It was a Buick two door with wooden side panels and a soft top. Disappointment swept over me. So now I stand at a crossroad. Do I continue looking for the DTSW or do I give up. The quest for the true dream car might have ended.

tomorrow my positive quest possibly the longest one I've been on. Until then

I need to find a bettter typing program

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A year of ended quests

Since every one else is doing it I might as well too. In 07....ummmm yeae I'll skip the formalities and talk ab out quests. Journeys, conquests whatever you wish to call them. In the year 07 there were a few quests that I had been on that came to an end.

But first a little background. I am always on some type of quest or have some type of project to keep myself occupied. That's it, no long background today. now onto the quests that were fulfilled....finished.

Now keep in mind these are things that I actually tried to accomplish/

Well first off my quota was ended but hey sometimes you have to do what you have to do ( and if you don't know of the quota o well)

Second I think I found a church to go to. yay me. Yay religion :)

In 07 I finally got a Wii. I had been looking for one since december of last year and it paid off in April!!!! However no weight loss yet.

I think i've given up on the quest to regain a friend. But you kn ow sometimes you eat the bear, and well sometimes, the bear, well , he eats you. Maybe next year, but I'm not holding my breath.

I think that I have made a good ground in my quest to find new friends, but we shall see if I offend them before they consider me a friend back. Or invite me out to party with them

My quest to get a smartboard? O yeah got it done, but with some baggage added on.

okay but seriously the real reason I posted this. There are 2 things that I have been looking for for what seems like eternity. Well my search for the two have ended . One positively, the other negatively. I'll put the post of each quest up tomorrow because I'm lazy and because my quest to stop procrastinating is a failure. Until then

:I've been on tons of quests, but my names not Jonny"

Monday, November 26, 2007

I figured it out... or At what point was that a good idea

I grew up watching Nickelodeon back when it was good. So I LOVE watching Nickelodeon GAS. For those unaware of what GAS is it is a station that shoes old nickelodeon game shows all day. Perfect....except for a few things. They only show a total of 7 shows. These shows are
Legends of the hidden temple
Double Dare 2000
Get the Picture
NIck Arcade ( at 3 in the morning)
some show I can't think of
Figure it out

my issue is what about Wild and Crazy Kids? What about the REAL Double Dare? What about What would you do? (oh and I know my capitalization is wrong...sue me). They need to bring back those shows.

Well I was watching Figure it out and was kinda shocked. There was a chubby kid whose talent was that he ate 11 pounds of watermelon in one minute. Yea you read it right. So at the end he showed the host and panel how he did it and they were supposed to try it too, however they just laughed and laughed as he ate his heart out. I was sad....I felt bad for him, even if he didnt feel bad.

Also I have come to the conclusion that the panel either lets people win or they are just dumb... or just like real people they don't pay attention. Case in point. ONe panelist asked the kid if he ate less than 10 pounds of watermelon and he said no. So the next panelist asked "Did you eat seven pounds of water melon" then the next panelist asked " Did you eat 2 pounds of watermelon." See the gripe?

Yea I just wanted to gripe about GAS

Ohh and by the way Erica sat a glass of sprite on the couch...guess how that turned out.

Perkins OUT